Adblock vs Adblock Plus – Which is Best?

AdBlock vs Adblock plus extensions are used to stop unwanted popups. Check comparison between Adblock vs Adblock plus with pros and cons.

Adblock plus vs Adblock extensions give a great user experience and set you free from troublesome. AdBlock or Adblock Plus is granted by Google, Amazon, financial times, and Microsoft. Adblocker extensions & plugins are the best methods to hold unwanted ads, popups, text ads, and others. Here, we are going to discuss the Adblock and Adblock plus.

Why do you need an Ad blocker? Adblock vs Adblock Plus – Which is Best?

Many users are very much clear about why they need an ad blocker. If it is your desktop, and you are going to decide which ads you want to see and you can do that with ad blockers. It takes two seconds to download Adblock extension for many browsers, save the settings and block all types ads.

Our Adblock vs Adblock plus comparison will make you understand how Adblock and Adblock plus can block ads and which is better out of these.

In this article, We will discuss both Adblock vs. Adblock Plus extensions. By the end of the article, you will have a great idea of which one will work for you. So here is Adblock vs Adblock plus – Which performs better?

AdBlock Plus

adblock vs adblock plus

The first ad-blocking extension of its type, it was first only available on Mozilla Firefox and then on all major browsers. It is the most useful advertisement blocking tool for Mozilla. The Adblock plus extension is open source and was developed by a community of web coders who wanted a much rich browsing experience.

adblock plus vs adblock

All community helped in the discovery of AdBlock Plus as everybody wanted a revolution. The online ads were harming and blocked the user experience very badly. With AdBlock Plus, one can easily block tons of advertisements along with the rest of the navigation. AdBlock Plus can easily block all the irritating as, facebook, youtube, and Malware ads. It has some extra benefits like time and saves bandwidth, data-free far all browser along with that Open-Source also.

Adblock Plus Pros:

  • Open source software run by the community.
  • Free to download for users.
  • Easy to customize, use and configure.
  • Block ads from all websites.
  • Use Easylist to block damaging websites.
  • Block tracking and domains for spreading Malware.
  • Easily create your own Ad filter subscription.

Adblock Plus Cons:

  • Forces users to allow white-list ads instead of opting in.
  • Allows some advertisements it considers “Well” instead of blocking all ads.
  • Slows down web browsers if many tabs opened at once.
  • Sometimes it causes the web browser to non-responsive.


adblock and adblock plus

Adblock is an extension motivated by the Adblock Plus project and specially created for Google Chrome by a great developer named Michael Gundlach. At the start, Adblock was only found on Google Chrome and rapidly became the most useful and popular advertisement blocking tool on the internet. Soon after Adblock get considerable popularity, it was quickly ported to other great browsers.

Adblock can easily block those harmful ads that you do not want to see yet you are imposed to see them. This extension is able to block banner ads, popups, text ads, pushy ads.

adblock or adblock plus

Adblock is much cleaner, lightweight extension that can be installed and use with a single click. It doesn’t have more than a few seconds to get it working. It is available for the all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Adblock Pros:

  • AdBlock is free to download.
  • Block all types ads – Banner, Popup, Popunder, Video etc.
  • An open source Extension and easy to use.
  • Available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Block ads on a particular page or the whole domain.
  • Edit filter list or use the one developed based on Adblock community.

Adblock Pros:

  • Sometimes can slow down the browser if use a lot of tabs at once.
  • Due to a small bug with the Google Chrome browser can sometimes bypass Adblock.
  • The invasive page pops up after installation.
  • Sometimes due to AdBlock, the web browser becomes non-responsive.


I hope, after reading the details of Adblock or Adblock plus above, you’ll be able to better understand Adblock vs Adblock Plus for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to get the most out of your browsing experience.

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