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Remote desktop android software allows a user to entirely connect to and interact with a desktop in another location through an internal network connection.

The remote desktop app offers a full set of features for real remote use, which is suitable in the case of technical support calls or far from computer use. Remote desktop android software is less massive and simply replicates the computer experience. Android Remote desktop is used by technicians and professionals who remotely configure data for industrial applications. Remote desktop android software having two types of major categories. The OS-based solution is given by the same company that provides your business OS. In third-party solutions, you just download the program and have the program run, and support the software for you.

5 Best Remote Desktop Apps For Android

In this list, I am sharing a collection of 5 best remote desktop apps for Android. I found some really great android remote desktop apps that were able to do stunning things according to their related features. Android desktop app has liable to be popular among the Mac and desktop infrastructures, but getting the best free remote desktop android app can be difficult at times. Therefore, I write this article for those who are looking for the best remote desktop app for Android to get the work done smoothly.

1. TeamViewer for Remote Control

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TeamViewer is the easiest and most featureful remote desktop app for remote control. It is widely used by big companies and work offices. It has all the premium features desktop price for free. It also provides support for more number of mobile devices than any other solution. If you’re looking for a multi-platform solution then it the best choice.

2. Splashtop Personal – Remote PC

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Splashtop is a secure and safe remote control app that gives full access to multimedia files, applications, games and more. You can easily access and stream media stored on your computer from Android devices. It’s easy to set up a remote control connection using its Splashtop on the remote computer.

3. VNC Viewer – Remote Desktop

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VNC Viewer is a free and open source remote control app. It uses protocols to send the various keyboard and mouse actions to a remote desktop. In return, it shows the screen from that specific system to the viewer. It is a good remote desktop app to use on your Android mobile.

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

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Microsoft Remote Desktop is the best tool for you if you’re looking for a Windows solution. The tool doesn’t work for any other platform, it works like an appeal to remote control a Windows PC. It is having a lot of basic features like shared clipboard but wants advanced features offered by others such as file transfer, chat and voice call and many more.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

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Chrome Remote Desktop is a simple remote control solution and unique browser extension for Google Chrome to access a PC Mac or Linux. It is securely from any Android mobile device. This makes easy any Chrome user to give remote access a remote computer over all the Internet using just Google Chrome browser on all operating systems.

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