How to Block Websites on Chrome

If you want to find out how to block websites on Chrome, then I will teach you complete guide, how to block a website on Google Chrome.

Websites are great, aren’t they? Most times we search ourselves clicking on websites casually when we are supposed to be working, engaged with something else, or when they rank too high for many of our find terms but then force us to sign up to them when we click through, and so many causes more.

Block websites on chrome can be quite useful. For example, some websites carry malware, viruses or may include lots of fake advertisement. According to the survey, Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. So you might also need to learn how to block websites on Google Chrome within a few minutes.

There are many options available for blocking a website, but in this post, I will be focusing on how to block websites on Chrome. Chrome needs a built-in feature that allows you to block websites on chrome. You can download any one of add-ons from chrome browser that will block sites on chrome you specify.

How to Block Websites on Chrome?

In this article, We are going to share some of the methods “How to Block Websites on Google Chrome?”. You can use to block a website on Google Chrome from accessing. This serves as a way to become more productive.

Websites blocker add-ons and extensions for Chrome can be installed on the Google Chrome website. To block a website on Chrome simply follow these steps:

Block Websites on Chrome Desktop

1. Go to the Block Site extension, and Add it to Chrome.

how to block websites on chrome

2. Click “Add extension” in the below pop-up box.

how to block websites on chrome

3. You’ll see an orange shield icon with a circle and a diagonal line through the center.

how to block a website on chrome

4. Simply go to a website which you want to block, click that orange shield icon in the top right, and click “Block this website”.

how to block a website on chrome

5. You’ve successfully blocked. To unblock the website, click the icon, and then simply click “Edit block sites list”.

block websites on chrome

Block Websites on Chrome Mobile (Android)

If you mostly surf the web via Google Chrome on your Android, Here are easy steps to block websites on your Android Chrome browser:

1. Open Google Play Store in mobile and install the BlockSite application.

how to block sites on chrome

2. Open the downloaded BlockSite app.

how to block sites on chrome

3. Click on enable to allow the app to block any website.

chrome block website

4. Click “Got it” – this will reach you to your Accessibility settings.

chrome block website

5. Select the “BlockSite” and turn the switch from “OFF” to “ON”. Then click “OK” in the pop-up screen. Click the “+” button in the bottom right.

block sites on chrome

6. Enter any websites you want to block and click the check button in the top right corner on the screen.

block websites chrome

These are some of the best ways to block websites on Chrome. I use ‘Block Site‘ extension to ignore social media while trying to become more productive. Found this post is helpful? Share this and If you have any other methods, let me know in the below comments.

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